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Founded in 2017, Laz Partners is an executive search firm that specializes in introducing high-calibre portfolio management and research talent to a select group of Tier-1 buy-side clients, which include some of the world’s top Hedge Funds, Global Asset Managers, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Private Wealth Managers. Since our inception, we’ve successfully made dozens of high-profile placements within macro, multi-asset, and credit/fixed income that have already generated substantial quantifiable value and returns for our clients.

Why Laz Partners?

As a firm, we focus our efforts on the top 5% of talent that truly has the ability to help ‘move the needle’ and enable our clients to achieve market-leading returns, while also having a direct positive impact on PnL. Many of these are typically ‘passive candidates’ that might not be uncovered by other search firms, as they are usually keep a low profile (especially top portfolio managers in the Hedge Fund space).

Uniquely, we follow a diligent 12-step search process with every search that we undertake and we work in very close partnership with our clients, often being seen as trusted advisors for any hiring-related activity, ranging from talent acquisition to fully advising on team restructurings.

Our core markets of focus include macro and multi-asset, as well as global credit and ESG.

Some interesting facts about Laz Partners:


  • 35 successful senior-to-mid level portfolio management and research placements made since 2017.
  • 100% of our candidates are still working in their roles within 12 months of being placed.
  • 100% success rate on all retained search assignments we have undertaken for our clients
  • Most of our clients are repeat clients, and we generate most of our business through referrals.

Recent successful placements


Meet our team

Alex Lazaridis founded Laz Partners in 2017, after spending nearly 8 years in macro research sales covering buy-side clients in London, Paris, and New York. His decision to move from the sell-side to executive search was driven by a desire to offer a top-level, targeted search service for his clients that had expressed they were unhappy with the search firms they were currently working with.

Previously, Alex was part of the macro sales team at MRB Partners, a top-ranked investment strategy firm, where he played a key role in helping expand MRB’s client base and was a consistent top performer. Before MRB, Alex worked in macro research sales at BMI Research (a Fitch Group Company), where he helped grow team revenues by over 200%.

Alex holds a BA in Economics from Davidson College, USA. Outside of work Alex enjoys reading, anything fitness-related, sailing, cycling and travelling.

Alex Lazaridis, Founder, Laz Partners
Nikhil Vaughan-Jeremy, Associate, Laz Partners

Nikhil joined Laz Partners in 2021 as an Associate and is responsible for macro research & investment strategy roles for our asset management clients in London. His areas of focus include macro and multi-asset, equities & credit research & strategy, economic research and fund selection.

Before Laz Partners, Nikhil worked in business development/sales and worked as an events manager for a prestigious & high-end art gallery in London until the pandemic hit in early 2020, which catalysed his move into the executive search industry.

Nikhil has been in the UK since 2013, when he relocated to undertake his Business Management & Marketing degree, after leaving his hometown of Nairobi, Kenya.

Sven Dwars joined Laz Partners in 2022 as an Associate and is responsible for our Hedge Fund, Asset Management, Pension Fund and Banking clients across continental Europe.

His primary focus from a talent perspective is on placing Portfolio Managers, Strategists, and Analysts in the Macro, Rates, Multi-Asset, and Global Credit space.

Prior to joining Laz Partners, Sven has been an active investor in real estate projects in South Africa since 2016, developing and building affordable housing and commercial units in Cape Town Area with local partners.

Sven started his corporate career in The Netherlands in 2011, where he worked in Commercial & Merchant banking at ABN Amro and as an Account Executive at P&G.

Sven moved to London in 2020 and holds a LLM in Financial law from the University of Amsterdam.

Besides working at Laz Partners, Sven enjoys kitesurfing, paragliding, downhill mountain biking, Muay Thai, and reading.

Sven Dwars, Associate, Laz Partners
Araminta Reed, Associate, Laz Partners

Araminta joined Laz Partners in 2022 as an Associate and is responsible for covering our Private Wealth, Family Office and Pension Fund clients in the UK. Her asset class coverage includes multi-asset, macro, and equties, and she primarilly focuses on investment strategy and research talent, as well as client services and fund selection.

Before Laz Partners, she worked as a model in Europe and Asia for 5 years, as well as an interior designer and project manager, where she developed excellent people and management skills.

Araminta grew up in West Sussex and moved to London in early 2020. Araminta is a keen equestrian and enjoys horse racing, cooking, fitness, and riding motorcross bikes during the weekends.

Joannes joined Laz Partners in 2022 as an Associate Researcher and is responsible for researching & sourcing candidates for our hedge fund, asset management and private wealth clients. Her areas of focus include multi-asset strategy, macro strategy, and credit research.

Before joining Laz Partners, Joannes studied at the University of York where she acquired her Business and Management Honours degree. While at university, she acted as secretary for two human rights societies.

Outside of work Joannes enjoys teaching herself how to use Python for data analytics, cooking, and calisthenics.

Joannes Madu, Associate, Laz Partners

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